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Thank you for reading about our show!
Our attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and donors have made us
the longest running model horse show in Tennessee!
We are open to model horses of all manufacturers and finishes.
Visitors and guests are welcome (no charge) -- come see the pretty horses!
Proceeds from each year's Big Orange Bash benefit the Large Animal Clinic at the
University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine (and in 2023, the Shriners).
Click the 'History' tab to see a description of how BOB began in 2003, and how our first show
improved the chances for successful horse rescues in East Tennessee!
Check below for updated notes.  Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page.
Additional and Last Minute Items -

  <updated May 5, 2023>

--There will be lots of food!  In addition to our traditional complimentary snacks and drinks, the Shriners will be selling pulled pork sandwiches and possibly also hot dogs or other types of sandwiches!    :-)

--We fine tuned the Directions to the Show Hall to include a description of which lanes to avoid while on Henley Street in downtown Knoxville!  (Could these directions possibly get any longer or more complicated???  LOL)

  <updated April 26, 2023>

--Thanks to our eagle-eyed participants for pointing out an oversight when we created the AR Trad class list!  Several redundant 'pony' classes are now removed, and the remaining classes have been renumbered!    :-)

  <updated April 9, 2023>


--In 2016 and 2017 we filled up in March.  In 2018 we filled up in February.  In 2019 we filled up very quickly in November 2018 which was truly amazing!  And we filled up quickly this year too!  So we've created a waiting list for people who want to wait for a cancellation to free up a full table or half table.


​--Please be patient with our new system for choosing applicants in a fair manner while being inundated with applications!  It's simple: contact Carol Tuft for a slot on the waiting list.  Thanks!

--BOB has NAMHSA approval and is a NAN-qualifying show.  This means NAN cards will be issued to the first and second place winners in each class.


--This year BOB is double judged!  This means many classes will also offer Yellow NAN cards for Collectibility or Workmanship.  But please keep in mind that appropriate documentation must be provided for a horse to be eligible for Collectibility.


--Once again we have an announcer: Ken Barnes.  Having an announcer makes our show run MUCH smoother.  Thanks, Ken!


--We offer class sponsorships!  Sponsor classes, or even divisions, in memory of a favorite horse, or pet, or person, etc.  Click the 'Sponsors' tab for details.

--This year BOB's proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Large Animal Clinic at UT and the Shriners.  Also please consider making additional contributions to the Shriners to support their charity works, such as children's hospitals!


--Raffle ticket prices:

            1 for $1

            6 for $5

          12 for $10

          25 for $20

          50 for $40

--Obviously we have no experience with the expected temperatures in this year's show hall.  You might want to dress in layers, just in case it gets too cool or too warm.

--We are continually updating this BOB website.  How are we doing?  Suggestions are welcome!

Panorama of

Big Orange Bash 12

in 2014!

Carol starting the show at

Big Orange Bash 11 in 2013!

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