Thank you for reading about our show!
Our attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and donors have made us
the longest running model horse show in Tennessee!
We are open to model horses of all manufacturers and finishes.
Visitors and guests are welcome (no charge) -- come see the pretty horses!
Proceeds from each year's Big Orange Bash benefit the Large Animal Clinic at the
University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine.
Click the 'History' tab to see a description of how BOB began in 2003, and how our first show
improved the chances for successful horse rescues in East Tennessee!
Check below for updated notes.  Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page.
Additional and Last Minute Items -

--By coincidence, Elton John will be performing at Thompson Bowling Arena on UT's main campus on Saturday June 6, the first day of BOB.  This is approximately one mile east of BOB's show hall.  We have arranged for reserved parking for BOB attendees just in case all the parking lots start to fill up that afternoon.  (His concert was announced in November, which was a quite surprise for us!)

--We have heard that the Knoxville hotels are jacking up their rates on BOB's weekend due to Elton John's concert!  Ouch!  You might consider checking hotels in Oak Ridge (where we live) or Maryville, even though those are farther to drive to the show hall.....   

--In 2016 and 2017 we filled up in March.  In 2018 we filled up in February.  Then in 2019 we filled up (and it just took 24 hours!) in November 2018 which was truly amazing!  So we've created a waiting list for people who want to wait for a cancellation to free up a full table or half table.

--Please be patient with our new system for choosing applicants in a fair manner while being inundated with applications!  It's simple: contact Carol Tuft for an entry form, or for a slot on the waiting list.  Thanks!

--You spoke and we listened!  BOB is now a two day show, and with double judging of most divisions!  We also have larger CMG China, AR Trad, and AR Mini divisions!

--BOB has NAMHSA approval and is a NAN-qualifying show.

--Once again we have an announcer -- Ken Barnes.  Having an announcer makes our show run MUCH smoother.  Thanks, Ken!

​​--We offer class sponsorships!  Sponsor classes, or even divisions, in memory of a favorite horse, or pet, or person, etc.  Click the 'Sponsors' tab for details.

--Please contribute to the collection jar which is a fund raiser for Canine Cancer.  The family that owns the company that makes our yummy chicken salad found out that their golden retriever Ben has cancer!  Boo, hiss!  All funds donated go to Canine Cancer Research.

--The show hall's temperature used to be a very chilly 68F each year.  But in recent years we got the Utilities crew to raise it to 70F which felt better.  (You might want to dress in layers anyway, just in case....)

--Instead of serving a "one size fits all" lunch we provide phone numbers and menus for nearby restaurants that deliver to the show hall.  Of course we still offer drinks and snacks throughout the day, along with our popular dips of chicken salad, lobster salad, and pimiento cheese.  Some gluten-free snacks are available.

--We apologize for any inconvenience regarding our selection of the show date.  Trying to schedule Hollingsworth Auditorium is very challenging since it is in high demand at the University, and the parking lots are full of student cars during the class semesters.  On top of all that, the University's President and Board of Regents have permanently grabbed the hall in mid June!  So we've scheduled BOB in early June to avoid both conflicts.

--In March 2018 the University announced a "no smoking anywhere on campus" policy.  This means there are no designated smoking areas within a half mile of BOB.

--We are continually updating this BOB website.  How are we doing?  Suggestions are welcome!

Panorama of

Big Orange Bash 12

in 2014!

Carol starting the show at

Big Orange Bash 11 in 2013!